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Getting real about my health transformation!

(Disclaimer: contains content that may be triggering for people with eating disorders.)
What’s the reason for starting your health transformation?  Is it to lose pounds? To fit into a smaller size? Or maybe its for medical reasons? 
For me, I was tired of being tired. I was achy and sore, had no energy at the end of the day and was constantly thinking about food. I would wake up in the morning and have brain fog and feel kind of blahhh, not really wanting to get out of bed. I knew food was the reason for making me feel that way, so over the past 10 months I’ve made some significant changes to kick start my personal health transformation. 
In my early teens I remember going to the local convenience store to buy bags of chips or candy or tubs of ice cream with the intent of eating all of it when I got home, spaced out in front of the TV.  I would do it in private and then hide all the wrappers. I also felt awkward eating in front of people, so I wouldn’t eat anything at school all day, only…

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