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Earthing, what is it and why do it!

I have a lot of interests that may seem all 'woo woo-y' to some people, like crystals for energy healing, Reiki (also for energy healing), smudging and as of late Earthing (also know as grounding). My interests can be a little far fetched for some people and I get it, hoarding crystals around your home and burning sage isn't for everyone! For me though, these things bring a sense of peace, relaxation and rejuvenation to the space I call home and to my body and mind. 
Four months ago I started hearing about earthing therapy and I was so intrigued by it that I bought my own earthing mat to use at home. So, this post will be all about grounding and my experience with it so far!
You're probably wondering what the heck Earthing (grounding) actually is! Earthing therapy is the physical act of connecting with the earths electrical energy to promote health and vitality.  The earths surface is made up of negative charged electrons that are free moving and have the ability to reduc…

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