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What’s Holding you back from taking the Leap into Entrepreneurship?

When I tell people the story of how I quit my corporate job and started a small dog walking business their usual response goes something like this:
 “Wow, I wish I could do that but....” 
•“I can’t afford to take the risk.” •“There’re already so many business’s providing the service I want to in my area.” •“It’s going to take too long to make money at it and build up clientele.”  •“I have no idea what I’m good at or passionate about enough to build a business out of.” 
Before I made the leap, all of these concerns ran through my mind and I’m pretty sure that’s the case for most people thinking about starting a business. It’s scary, well terrifying actually, to leave a consistent pay cheque for the unknown and yes, it takes time to build up steady work. You also have to get comfortable with marketing and making connections with people and having uncomfortable conversations. I want you to know though, it’s completely possible to overcome these roadblocks that may be holding you back. 
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