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Xenoestrogens, they're everywhere!

If you read my last post you know I quit taking the pill and have been feeling much better since! It's been eye opening learning about how synthetic hormones can effect the body but while doing all this research, I've come across these other things called xenohormones and xenoestrogens and they're EVERYWHERE! So much for just quitting the pill and hoping my hormones would balance themselves out. Apparently it's not that easy, so I've decided to step up my hormone game because my body deserves it and so does yours!
So, xeno-whattt??? Xenohormones means 'foreign hormones'. These are hormone mimicking substances that come from external sources that are not produced naturally. They are strong toxic chemicals like parabens (antimicrobial preservative found in cosmetics), BPA (found in plastics) and xenohormones in our food supply. These kinds of chemicals can also be referred to as endocrine disruptors.
Since there are so many products now a days that contain thes…

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