The Start of Something New!

Like the internet needs another blog!

That's probably what you're thinking and to be honest, me too! I never thought of myself as the Blogging type. I guess I always thought of a blogger as someone who's been writing or journaling their entire life. Me on the other hand, I've always dreaded writing. English class in high school was the WORST. No wait, math was far worse but English was definitely second runner-up. I've always been a horrible speller, adding vowels where they don't belong, I blame that on the couple years of French immersion I did in public school (hmm, that word totally looks feminine...I'm just gonna add an 'e' to the end, ahh better make it two 'ee's). Thank goodness for spellcheck! 

Besides my horrible spelling, I never thought I would blog because what do I really have to say? What kind of wisdom can I throw out on the internet? I'm not a licensed or certified expert in any given field, I don't have any fancy degrees, I didn't even go to college (as you'll find out though, there have been many attempts!), and who in the word would actually want to read something I've written? 

Evan after all those self doubting thoughts, here I am, starting something new and jumping out of my comfort zone. It feels like the right time though, I'm in a good place right now, I found my stride and I want to share the things that have helped me get here. But I think I'm mostly starting this blog because I need to stop annoying the crap out of my social media friends with constant food and dog pics popping up on their feed! Sorry about that LIFE right now is literally food & dogs! So I guess if you're into what I post on Facebook, this will just be WAY more of that. 

I'm also hoping by writing these posts, that it may help me overcome some long-standing issues and maybe they'll even resonate with you too. Take for instance, I don't think I ever really mourned the loss of my dad seven years ago. I choose not to talk about what happened and it's hard for me to open up about it (unless there's a couple glasses of wine in me, in which case no one wants to see that mess!). I've also struggled with an eating disorder since I was in my early 20's and to top it off, I've never actually felt at home anywhere I've ever lived, always having the urge to run off somewhere new. 

Yeah, thats some heavy stuff.  

This blog won't be all about that though, like I said, I'm in a good place but it would be nice to have a community of people to chat with that may have gone through or are going through similar situations. I mostly want to focus on the positive so I'll be blogging about topics from a health and wellness perspective, being an entrepreneur and owning a dog walking business, canine and human health, favorite recipes, nutrition, and yes.... spirituality. Ahhh, I can feel my chakras opening up more already!   

So I hope you'll stay tuned, I may just cover some topics that interest you! Also, please bare with me while I learn the ropes and technical aspects of blogging, I'm sure you'll see changes to my page. I also hope you'll comment every now and then, I would love your feedback and to start some discussions about life, health and wellness!

Much Love,