Shout out to those friends we rarely see but know are always there for us!

I wasn't going to post anything this week, I had nothing ready, not a single word typed up. I couldn't make up my mind of the topic I wanted to cover and then things got busy and stressful and then I got lazy. Ahhh, its just been one of those weeks! I told myself I'd get back to it next week but then I caught up with an old friend this afternoon and it inspired me!

We have one of those long time friendships where we don't often see each other in person or even message or talk all that often but when we do it's like nothing's ever changed. We've gone years without seeing each other and every now and again, one of us will start a text message conversation  and we're totally cool with it that way. No hard feelings for time passed and no judgment. We understand life gets busy and we put no expectations on our friendship.

Today we got a chance to meet up for lunch. A good meal and a speedy three hours later, it was time to go. We chatted about everything, no subject is off limits. We have one of those friendship where we just hold space for each other. You know what I mean? I can pour my heart out and I know she won't judge. She'll make me laugh and then spill her wise words. For me, three hours with some people would totally drain my introverted energy but not with this type of friend. I always feel lifted and in a better space when we part ways.

So this is a shout out to all those no drama, no expectations, no judgement kind of friends! We may not always talk, text or visit but just know, I think of you often and send my love. Thank you for being you and holding space for me whenever I need it most. 

Much Love 🙏💕