Earthing, what is it and why do it!

I have a lot of interests that may seem all 'woo woo-y' to some people, like crystals for energy healing, Reiki (also for energy healing), smudging and as of late Earthing (also know as grounding). My interests can be a little far fetched for some people and I get it, hoarding crystals around your home and burning sage isn't for everyone! For me though, these things bring a sense of peace, relaxation and rejuvenation to the space I call home and to my body and mind. 

Four months ago I started hearing about earthing therapy and I was so intrigued by it that I bought my own earthing mat to use at home. So, this post will be all about grounding and my experience with it so far!

You're probably wondering what the heck Earthing (grounding) actually is!
Earthing therapy is the physical act of connecting with the earths electrical energy to promote health and vitality.  The earths surface is made up of negative charged electrons that are free moving and have the ability to reduce free radicals (positive-charge electrons). I'm sure you've heard of free radicals before and how they’re dominating our bodies and that we should do things like, eat antioxidants rich foods to help combat them. Free radicals (positive charges) can cause inflammation while they’re circulating around the body looking for its other half, a negative charge. Free radicals can lead to chronic disease and speed the aging process. So the idea behind grounding your body is to have an influx of negative charged electrons to discharge the free radicals in the body and diminish any damage they may cause.

I spend ALOT of time outdoors walking in the forest, so why do I still need a grounding mat? 
Grounding only works when our bare skin is touching the earths surface or a conductive object, like the Earthing mat. You know that feeling when you go to the beach and walk barefoot in the sand or walk barefoot on the grass in your yard? The revitalized feeling is due to the natural, unlimited energy flowing between you and the earths surface. Unfortunately, due to our urban living situations and our footwear selections, we are constantly insulating ourselves and are severely disconnected from the earths surface. Think about it, we wear rubber soled shoes, walk down concrete sidewalks,  live in high rise condos and sleep elevated off the floor in our cozy insulated beds! However, if you had a grounding mat, sheets or shoes, you can ground yourself just about anywhere! I decided to buy the small mat (12.5″x 39″) so I can reap all the rewards while I'm sitting on the couch and  sleeping in bed! All the mat requires is a working 'ground port' of a three prong electrical outlet. The Earthing mat kit comes with 2 mats, 2 cords and a small device to test electrical outlets and make sure it is infact grounded, otherwise you may need to use a grounding rod (sold separately from the kit). Then, just plug in and your ready to get grounded! 

Whether you're grounding outside in nature or inside using a grounding mat, the benefits are plentiful:
  • Reduced inflammation 
  • Reduction in chronic pain
  • Improved blood flow
  • Improved sleep
  • Increased energy
  • Added protection from electromagnetic energy & EMFs (wifi & cell phone signals, computers, radios,  TVs,  and electrical outlets, just to name a few!)
The grounding mat I purchased was from Earthing Canada and can be found here. I have one mat downstairs on the couch for anyone to use while they’re hanging out (including the dogs) and the other one I sleep on. It's tucked under my covers at the end of my bed so my feet are touching it throughout the night. Here's the difference in my body voltage when I'm NOT grounded vs. when I am (its pretty crazy)!

NOT Grounded: Body Voltage of 1.332 V
Grounded: Body Voltage dropped to 0.043 V

I specifically bought the mat hoping it would help alleviate my achy joints and muscles due to the daily dog walking I do (which can range anywhere from 10km - 19km a day!). To be honest, I didn't notice any difference at first, not until a few weeks in when my sleep started getting better and my tired achy body was not so tired and achy in the morning! It's been about four full months since I've been using my mats and I've gotten so use to falling asleep with 30 minutes of crawling into bed and waking up feeling rested that I only really notice somethings different when I'm NOT using them!

For instance, I recently did a couple of weeks of overnight pet sitting in clients homes and I didn't bring my mat. Silly me...some nights I could barely sleep and about 3 days in of not using my mat, my lower back pain returned, as well as the stiff achy joints in the morning, ouch!

At the moment, I believe the grounding mat has made some improvements in my heath and I'm sure there are plenty of other benefits that I can't physically notice right now. What do you thinking about Earthing therapy? Do you believe grounding your body can help on an energetic and cellular level? Would you try it? 

Much love,